Interested in recent updates regarding IRC 280G? Golden Parachute Tax Solutions prides itself on staying on top of the latest news and changes in tax law. Browse through the articles below and learn more about the newest changes.

  • Structuring Change In Control Arrangements Within the Current Executive Compensation Environment - Structuring Change in Control Arrangments.pdf (1.2 MBs)
  • The Golden Parachute Excise Tax: Why It's About to Become More Expensive, Why A Gross-Up May Be Necessary And How To Structure It To Be Perfromance-Based - JCB-280G Article 2.pdf (472.3 KBs)
  • The Golden Parachute Excise Tax - Not Just a Public Company Issue - 280G Article 3-Booklet.pdf (318.9 KBs)
  • Canadian employers - Beware the United States Golden Parachute Excise Tax is Not Just a U.S. Problem - Article 4-Final.pdf (270.9 KBs)