About Us


Golden Parachute Tax Solutions is a Public Accounting Firm that specializes solely in golden parachute services. Our services include golden parachute tax computations and advisory services, M&A transaction and due diligence support, proxy computations, golden parachute disclosures required under the Dodd-Frank Act, change-in-control plan design and cost analysis, and providing Section 280G mitigation strategies.

In addition, the golden parachute arena often requires expertise in executive compensation and valuation services. We at Golden Parachute Tax Solutions believe in one stop shopping.  Consequently we have experts within the executive compensation and valuations arena specializing in handling golden parachute issues which makes us uniquely qualified to address your every need.

What Separates Golden Parachute Tax Solutions from other Tax Providers:

Our leadership team consists of some of the best golden parachute professionals in the country. They are published in leading technical journals. They have also participated on panels on golden parachute and executive compensation matters. Our team is second to none in the golden parachute area.

Most of our professionals have been leaders in the golden parachute area for 15 to 25 years.  Our Professionals have managed innumerous golden parachute engagements. Our experience includes all types of engagements from leading small private company transactions to leading engagements involving Fortune 100 public companies. What distinguishes us from other firms is EXPERIENCE. At Golden Parachute Tax Solutions, you can be assured that any professional who works on your engagement will be an experienced pro. Unlike many of the larger firms, we do not believe that on the job training of staff should be at your expense!
In addition to being tax providers, we are also experienced valuation experts. Our integrated approach towards valuation projects ensures that you are receiving all inclusive golden parachute services.  You can be confident that where a non-competition, reasonable compensation or actuarial valuation is required, such valuation will be in compliance with the rules. It is not uncommon for service providers who do not use an integrated approach to render reports that fail to address critical requirements provided by the related income tax rules, regulations and related case law.
Golden Parachute Tax Solutions does not perform audit and thus we have no independence restrictions under Sarbanes Oxley. This is a distinct advantage we have over audit firm service providers who are either restricted from performing services or require audit committee approval. Audit firms are constantly monitoring which services they are allowed to provide, and often require a company in the middle of an engagement to seek answers from other service providers. At Golden Parachute Tax Solutions, we have no restrictions, and thereby we are ready complete every aspect of your engagement.

BEWARE Some consulting firm providers place a disclaimer in their engagement letter (usually in small print) stating that their final work product, including the golden parachute calculations, cannot be relied on, or they state that the calculations are for “informational purposes only”. At Golden Parachute Tax Solutions, we always stand behind our work product. Our clients deserve nothing less.

We are a single focused firm who only hire the most experienced professionals, which increases efficiency. We provide top quality service at reasonable rates.