The Boutique Advantage


Why Golden Parachute Tax Solutions

1. We always stand behind our work

Many well-known large and mid-sized consulting firms (Specifically non-CPA firms) will provide their work product along with a fine print disclaimer stating that the computations they prepared cannot be relied upon. If your computations are challenged by the IRS do you want computations that state they can’t be relied on?

2. Our professionals working on an engagement are all professionals with experience

Most large have an experienced professional leading an engagement, but the lower level inexperienced professional providing most, if not all of the work. This is on the job training at your expense.  You should always ask about the experience level and the location of the team, along with a commitment that the senior level professionals are providing the majority of time on your engagement and the work is not being performed from an international compliance center location.

3. We are not an audit firm and are thus independence restrictions under Sarbanes –Oxley do not apply

Independence issues often lead to critical delays, and more often than not, require you to hire another advisor. At Golden Parachute Tax Solutions you get one-stop shopping without the concerns of independence restrictions.

4. Our Fees are based on an hourly rate

In general, all service providers base their cost estimates on an hourly rate. When examining a proposal, some firms use a blended rate in their proposal to disguise actual fees. A blended rate usually equates to the vast majority of the work being prepared by inexperienced professionals at lower billing rate. Once again, you are paying for on the job training, not to mention an inferior work product.

5. We are a full service provider who will perform all of the required 280G tax work as well as all related valuation work

Even when there are no independence restrictions, most providers may not be able to provide valuation services, and if they do the process is usually disconnected and more often than not does not provide a work product that addresses many of the issues required for a 280G valuation.

6. At Golden Parachute Tax Solutions 100% of our work is golden parachute work

Any service provider who states that professionals working on your engagement are experienced in many different service line specialties, generally means they are good in many areas but not experts in any one area. Would you want a generalist performing open-heart surgery? There are many nuances within the 280G rules where having a less experienced professional can in the end cost your business and/or your executives’ significant money.